Monday Night Mixed League

DRAW #1 WINNERS: Kathy Crowe, Ken and Olga Patterson, Ted VanDen Brock

DRAW#2 WINNERS: Paul Belcher, Yonna Diella, Kim Croker, Sid Abram

DRAW #3 WINNERS: Walter and Diane Kleer, Gary and Marilyn Smith

Thursday Night Men's League

DRAW #3 WINNERS: Harry Dykxhoorn, Sean Partlo, John Lohuis and Paul DeCloet.  Easily coated to the Gold with a perfect record of 5 and 0. No byes. They did it the hard way. Total points 87.25.

Kelsey's/Courtland Garden Rec Bonspiel

KELSEY'S DRAW WINNER: Team 'Taken for Granite' – Gary Smith, Tim Tripp, Paul Belcher, Bill Kovach and Sarah Benevides.

COURTLAND GARDEN DRAW WINNER: Team 'Mixed Bags' – John Lohuis, Maryanne Murphy, Eric Wright, Henry Puhr.

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