Acting President's Message

As the acting President of the Tillsonburg Curling Club, I would like to welcome you on behalf of myself and the board of directors to the 2020-21 curling season. Hoping everyone had a COVID-19 free summer and is looking forward to the upcoming season.


Over the last two years, your club has seen a lot of improvements made, with some donations and a lot of hard work from a few dedicated club volunteers.

These are:

  • LED Lights over the ice

  • Ramp Access to the ice for handicapped curlers

  • Accessible Washroom

  • Accessible Ramp into the club

  • Front Hall painting

  • Front Hall Boot Rack


It is the primary goal of your board of directors to provide a safe and healthy environment for its members to play, have fun and experience good fellowship.


The acting Board of Directors has decided not to open until the new year. Curling will commence on January 4th. and end on April 16th.. Registration (full payment is required at registration) will be take place between Nov. 23rd to Nov. 29th, from 7 to 8 PM each night. The membership rates reflect a 6% increase over last year, to get membership rates back in line with the cost of living. The rates have also been adjusted for the additional two weeks of play in April. Going forward, in order to keep our rates low, we need volunteers to fill positions of President, Treasurer, Secretary, Board Members, advertising, Covid-19 committee, ice preparation (ie: ice painting), etc.


As many of you know, our Ice Technician Dale Fanset passed away suddenly in April. He will be truly missed, as I believe Tillsonburg had the best ice in the province to play on. The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Travis Fanset (Dale’s son) has accepted the position of Ice Technician.


Please note that the Membership Registration Form, the Return to Play Protocols, the Risk and Covid-19 waiver information can be found on the Tillsonburg Curling Club’s website.


We are excited to have you return for a safe 2020-21 curling season.


Thank you for your support

Ken Patterson

Acting President, Tillsonburg Curling Club 

Return-To-Play Protocols

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