The 2021-22 Curling Season Begins

The annual meeting was held virtually on Tuesday May 11th with 19 members in attendance.


Chris Appleton presented the financial position for the Tillsonburg Curling Club as at March 31, 2021. The 2020-21 season closed with a slight loss. He presented a positive financial statement that will assist with the club opening for the 2021-22 season.


With the club not opening this past season, there was obviously lost revenues from the membership dues, bonspiels and the bar.  Thanks to Tracy and Larry Beattie the club received government grants totalling $40,000.  As well, they reduced the overhead costs of the club keeping the fixed cost at 70% below the previous season.


Acting President Ken Patterson guided the board through numerous meetings, determining it was in the best interest of the club to not open, resulting in saving all the opening costs.


A big thank you to the many members who donated their membership dues although a curling rock was never thrown.  Additional revenues resulted from an idea Paul Belcher had to host a club auction. He guided the organizing team of Nora and Les Peter, Larry and Tracy Beattie and Gerald Sandham through the process resulting in a successful event.


The appointment of the new board was approved at the meeting. 


2021-22 Board

  • President – Diane Kleer

  • Vice-President – Nora Peter

  • Treasurer – Tracy Beattie

  • Secretary – Marianne Murphy

  • Director and Past President – Ken Patterson

  • Director – Henry Puhr

  • Director – Win Cull

  • Director – Gerald Sandham

  • Director – Rick Cox


The new board of directors will be starting immediately to work on the following objectives to ensure a safe and successful 2021-22 season.


  1. Improve the public awareness – Tillsonburg has a curling club

  2. Strengthen the marketing of the club and start it earlier (July

  3. Expand the club offerings

    • Competitive leagues and fun/social leagues

    • Learn to Curl Clinics and/or leagues for new curlers

    • Intermediate (20 to 35-year old) league

    • Family and Junior Curling options

  4. Restructure the club to reduce the number of volunteers required.


This past year, the club lost a valued member and dear friend, Olga Patterson.  We will all miss her beautiful smile and the warm conversations we had with her.  Prior to her death her wish was to donate a new front door for the club. Her husband Ken fulfilled that dream by donating the door in memory of Olga. Smile every time you open it in remembrance of Olga.


The Board is excited to start planning for the upcoming season. We will keep you up to date throughout the summer through the club newsletter, website and FaceBook.


We welcome ideas or suggestions – Email or call.


Stay well, stay calm and stay kind.


Diane Kleer, President

(519) 403-8816